Grammy Awards 2014: Lash Trends!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.29.41 AMKaty Perry, who’s Grammy performance was full of drama, flames, and theatrics — is our ‘go-to’ girl for lash love! Katy never skimps on the lashes, and in her Red Carpet look, she accentuates her full, lush lash line with a neutral shadow and strong brow. Her hair pulled back tight frames her face — with her eyes and lashes being the star of her look! Get Katy’s look with our 3D Volume lash extensions which use lighter, fluffier extensions so we can safely apply 3-4 per natural lash! Full, fluffy, and soft!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.31.09 AM
New Artist Kacey Musgraves took home the grammy for best country song! This ‘newcomer’ to the music scene looked fabulash with a very natural face, understated colours, and a natural pink lip! Her lashes do all the talking, and frame her eyes wonderfully with strong upper and lower lashes. What else would you expect from a small-town country girl? We think she looked naturally stunning! Get Kacey’s look with our EyEnvy growth serum, that DOUBLES the length of your natural lashes with all-natural ingredients! $89/4-6 month supply.


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.31.28 AM
Although Paris Hilton was just there for the party — she stunned in a white beaded dress, and of course, highlighted her blue eyes with a heavy lash/liner. Paris’ tanned complexion demands a dark eye in contrast to stand out. By using black liner, and a darker brown smoky shadow, her full lashes blend well into a sultry smoky eye. Get this lash look with our 6D Hollywood volume lash extensions!

GIVEAWAY: 3D lashes, EyEnvy and Falsies! Summer Lash SWAGGER!

We haven’t done a contest in a while.. and it’s not because we don’t love doing them!Spoiling our fans will always be super important to us! We were stalling a bit so we could launch a HUGE summer lash giveaway!

This isn’t going to be the average ‘win a free set’ contest – although those are great! This will be the giveaway of the summer for the lash lovers out there and the prizes are valued at over $700!!
The winner will be announced September 1, 2013, and you can all enter ONCE daily.


What’s up for grabs:
A full set of our 3D Lush lash extensions ($250 value)
1 lush 3D fill ($140 value)
1 geisha ink eyeliner ($32)
2 pairs of siberian mink falsies ($99/each)
1 Duo false lash adhesive ($10)
and a bottle of EyEnvy Lash and Brow growth serum ($89)
Total value = $719!!

What are Lush 3D lash extensions you ask? They are the latest and greatest in the world of lashes, and we are proud to be one of 4 lash lounges in Canada to be offering them! Instead of thick individual lash extensions being applied one extension to one natural lash, 3D lashes use tiny feathery thin extensions so we can apply 3-4 individual extensions on each natural lash! The final result is thin, fluttery lash extensions that are super full and voluminous! For more info visit:
Find out more about 3D and 6D lash extensions here.
Heard horror stories about lash extensions and scared to try them? Read here about good vs bad lash extensions and how Lash Affair is setting the bar for extensions safety!


How to enter:
You MUST “like our facebook page AND follow us on twitter @lashaffair. Entries are only valid from contestants who follow our social media on both facebook and twitter.
1. Click “SHARE” under the post that brought you to this page on facebook. (this will be verified so make sure when you share it, you make it a public post)
2. RT our contest tweet on twitter!
3. Fill out the form below!

You can enter once a day by sharing the link to this contest as much as possible, and filling out the forms. The more you share/RT, the more entries you gain! Good Luck lash lovers!!

Why “cat eye” isn’t always the best option!

When choosing the look you’d like it’s best to leave it to your technician!
Lash Affair lashers are highly trained in choosing the correct lash shape to make your eyes appear larger, more alert, and lifted!

So many women come in asking for “cat-eye” lash extensions. This is because the vast majority of false lashes at the drugstore are cat-eyed, and we like the idea of that same shape.
Here’s the issue.
Natural lashes grow (usually) longest in the mid eye. Our inner corner, and outer corner lashes are the shortest. So when we do a cat eye (using the longest lashes on the outer corner of the eye), where the natural lashes are short, it can make the extensions droop – closing your eye and making them appear smaller. NOT what we are going for with lash extensions!

Don’t get me wrong, some women still look absolutely fabulous with a cat eye shaped lash set, but they are usually clients with very full, very coarse natural lashes that are long and strong pre-extensions.

For your ideal shaping, ask your technician what they’d suggest! We love creating custom, flattering lash sets!

Frame your lashes: How Brows complete the look!


Your lashes will of course be beautiful after you have extensions applied… but how is the area that frames the lashes? Is your face completed, balanced, and beautiful?
Women’s faces, and beauty in general all work in “frames”, and there are different levels of frames to the face.

Firstly, lashes frame the eyeball (making your eye colour pop, giving you an instant eyelift).
Secondly, brows frame your lashes and eyelid area.
Thirdly, hair frames the face!

Here’s how to get the perfect brow frame for your lashes!

Even women with little hair on their eyebrows can use product to build up a great set of brows! Here’s how!

photoStep 1: Clean your brow area so it’s free of oil. A make-up or brow primer can then be applied to keep your brows in place!
Step 2: use a brow liner to draw the underline of the brow and the shape you are wanting to create, and a thin line at the top of the brow line. This is your “stencil” that you will now work within.
Step 3: using an angled brush, and a the darkest brown colour, fill in the mid-brow and outer arch with a brow powder.
Step 4: use a lighter/ashy brown powder to fill the inner brow so it doesn’t look too heavy or thick.
Step 5: use a brow highlighter or concealer to highlight the brow bone under the brow area, and clean up the line for a precise finish!

Summer Makeup Tips: Keep your makeup melt-proof!

You now have gorgeous melt-proof lash extensions. You can bet your bottom dollar that no matter what you throw at them, there will be no raccoon eyes in sight, even through the summer heat!
Can that be said for the rest of your face?

Optimize your “hassle-free” summer beauty with our tips to stay melt-proof this summer!

You have gorgeous lash extensions already… so all that’s left is:

1. Get a tan!
If there’s one thing besides lashes that makes women look “wake up and go” beautiful, it’s a great tan! Not into UV exposure? Spray tans & Self tanner are all the rage these days and are actually good for your skin! St. Tropez Self-Tanning Bronze Mouse is an amazingly easy-to-apply at home bronzer! $32 at Sephora.
When you’re tan, skin imperfections fade away, and you can go without foundation!

2. Whiten your teeth.
Tanning alone will help your pearly whites look that much more vivid, but a good teeth whitener can bring your smile in the “beaming” range! That’s what every summer girl wants!

3. Lip gloss.
Lip gloss goes a long way – pick out a few favorites and have them in your purse to finish off the look!

If you need a bit more drama for a night out:

3. Use melt-proof eye/browliner that lasts!
Meltproof lashes need meltproof eyeliner! Geisha Ink ($32 at Lash Affair) not only lasts a full 24 hours, through sweat or tears… but it also is oil-free, and lash extension approved! Available in classic black, or an espresso brown for a softer, more natural look!
Need a bit of help in the brow department? Geisha Ink also carries brow liners ($32 at Lash Affair) that won’t run down your face no matter how hot it is outside! Available in light hair colour, and dark hair.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.04.01 AM
The point is to look effortlessly beautiful. With the tips above you can cut down your make-up routine to less than 5 minutes everyday!


Summer + Lash Extensions: All you need to know!

Summer is in full swing, and our clients are absolutely loving the effortless summer beauty look that lash extensions gives them!
Whether they are swimming, rocking an outdoor boot camp, or enjoying some outdoor festivals… lash extension lovers never have to worry about smudging, smearing, or summer-time mascara raccoon eyes!

Cause no one wants to be the girl trying too hard at the pool with mascara on!
Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.01.43 AM
Summer lashes are great, but there are a few tricks to making them last as well as they do in cooler weather. Here’s how to keep your extensions happy in the heat!
1. Wash them daily (or twice a day if you’re oily skinned) with our lash shampoo.
2. Keep your sealant in your purse! Our Lash Affair sealant protects the lash extensions from oil, and keeps the adhesive bonds strong. Apply it throughout the day (up to 3 times) to maximum protection from oil.
3. Make sure your sun-screen is oil-free! No point in having fabulous lashes if you’re going to spray them with oil and ruin the bonds of the extensions!

Xo – enjoy the rays!

SugarLash® Professional Supplies: Coming Soon

We are so excited to be launching our line of Professional Lash Supplies under a new company name: SugarLash®

Over the last 9 months we have been testing, testing, testing… different lashes, adhesives, primers… and more! We have found the best of the best on the market, and are ready to launch our line in the next couple months!

Lash Supplies will include:

silk eyelash extensions
diameters: 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15
curls: b, c, cc, d
lengths 7-15mm

faux mink eyelash extensions
diameters: 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15
curls: b, c, cc, d
lengths 7-15mm

2 adhesives
(expert – fastest drying at 3 seconds)
(professional – fast drying at 5 seconds)
lash primer/toner
lash remover (creme, and gel)

Pricing will be finalized once we launch our website in the next couple months! Stay tuned!

You’ve been asking what lashes we use… well now you can buy them directly from us and get yourself doing sets that look as luxurious as ours! It’s all in the product!

More announcements to come with SugarLash® soon…

Possibly our most exciting announcement however, doesn’t have to do with lashes… but has to do with your lash lounge! Our now world-famous lash beds have made quite the stir over the last 8 months, and we are proud to announce that we have patented the design, and are setting up a system for you purchase your own LUX Lash Beds®
The beds will be available in a variety of stock colours including:
pink, purple, green, cream, white, black, and red!


The beds will ship anywhere in North America, and can be made for you in 8 weeks! Wanting to take your lounge from drab… to FAB? These beds truly make your space into a luxury lounge!

-sturdy, and high quality
-wipe-able leather to easily keep clean
-semi-soft foam provides both support, and comfort for your client (not too hard, not too soft!)
-a great work area for the technician, with your legs able to freely move under the table
-storage in the bed for your clients to put their coats, purses, or other personal belongings and have them safe (or to store extra lash supplies!)

Beds will be $1295 each, and will be available for purchase soon!

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